Sunday, 19 April 2009

A visit to the doctor-guest comic by Rob Jackson

Hello friends! I am pleased to present Schmurgen's first fan art! It is by Rob Jackson, who make many fine comics, which can order from

Thursday, 2 April 2009

How To Meet Girls

Here is new comic. It is titled 'How to Meet Girls'

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

I eat door locks for breakfasts!

Hello English comics friends! Soon I gonna post more uncompromising comics on here, but today, I post uncompromising review of someone else comic. The comic I look at is Dr Who- The Forgotten #2 by Tony Lee and Pia Guerra (Hey Joey Gordon! I make sure to spell name right this time!)

I have friend back in Norway who sometimes he say stupid things. But weird thing is, when he say it first it just sound a little stupid, but when you think over it later, you realise it actually is hugely stupid, and it seems even more so each time you are remember it. I reminded of him when I read Tony Lee comic. Here is example:
In this page bald supporting man says that it is difficult to fix door, then dr who assistant lady smugly point ot that for her is easy to do. This type of scene is cliche even in Norway, but here is done so badly. Look at line: "I override door locks for fun." First I think,- You override door locks for fun? What kind of social life are you having? When friends invite you bowling or to cinema are you replying to them, "No I prefer to stay home and override door locks!" No one does this! Is ridiculous!
But then on the toilet I realise line is even more stupid. Why would someone override door locks for fun? Because of the challenge! It often fun to do challenging things, but to be challenge they have to be difficult! If assistant lady override doorlocks for fun, this imply that she find it a challenge, but the whole point of her speak is to show that she do not find it a challenge. If she say "I override door locks in sleep" then it make more sense. It still be lazy unimaginitive cliche, bit at least then it is lazy unimaginitive cliche that make sense. Sadly this actually most memorable part of comic. I already forget rest.

Schmurgen Con success!

Thanks to all who come to Schmurgen con! I only able to attend for brief period but it was a good turnout and everyone haff fun! Dan Fish post excellent report of day at
Next time I will try to be there longer and have bigger comic to sell!