Tuesday, 24 March 2009

What if Spider-Man was black?

Here is latest uncompromising comic! It is titled 'what if Spider-Man was black?'

Monday, 23 March 2009

Schmurgen Con

Dear friends

I have the hell hangover. I feel my brains about to burst - maybe out of my nose. I always want to be making the comics, and always in an UNCOMPROMISING STYLE. But sometimes it is difficult.

I also want to sell my comics. Like Shan Azoparde and Oly Smith, they become very fameous and rich from the comics selling. They are both good gays. They everywhere from Dick Deppey's Journaliste!! to Gary Gordon's Forbidn Planet Blog. to

And so I think... I think... What can I do to be more like these gays.

And I do what they do - I do it and I do it these week!

I cannot get a stall and Paddy's Comics and Web Thing (they all sell outfor thirty pounds! Who have the thirty pounds? How many comics you sell?) , so I have my own. I already talk to pub in Mile End (where the awwsome David Bailie live, he say I sleep on his coach!) and am I now very proud to anounce.

Schmurgen Con

It will be happening in pub called The New Globe. If you click on these link:

You se eit. It is near under the big green bridge. It is on the way to The Other Thing if you get off at Mile End, and just walk past the Thing if you get off at Steepney Green station tube.

I try to open the pub at 1pm, but the owner he says I have to pay for barman. I try to sort these thing and will make another big anounce. But for now, my good friends........

Saturday 28th March
New Globe pub (upstairs - with tabels and chairs!)
Mile End

Schmurgen Con

Yeah baby!

Please leave a comment to tell me you want to come, and to say if you want space on a table to sell your comics. I will have mine, but I warn you they are in UNCOMPROMISING STYLE.

Already agreed special guest
Shan Azzoparde
Oly Smith
David Bailie
Dan Lester

And comics from
E-Merlin Gooberry
Douglas NOble (strip for me! He is very good English)
Modern Monstroisity - TALES FROM THE FLAT
Jake 'lady boys of the DC universe' Harold


Come on gays!

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Hooorae for London

I haf been drinking with my new friends of the London Comics Scene. Many of them are writing and drawing for a comic called 200AD, which we do not haf in the Norske, but which look s a bit like our bondage comics back hom.

I like them very much these London people. I saw one drink until he sick on himself. Hi Tony, Hi Matt and Hi Dan! You are all wonerful and I haf wonerful time with you all.

Hello also to my many facbook friends. I hope you like my new comics.
There will be more this week. I lok forward to making you all Schmurgen!

Schmurgen goes to Soho- A true story in uncompromising style!

Friday, 20 March 2009


Here is a new Schmurgen comic. I hope you like. Thank you Douglas Noble for help me with english!

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Welcome to my blog!

Hallo! I am Schmurgen! This is my new comics blog, on which I will be posting comics a draw, from high school all the way to present day, all drawn in uncompromising style!