Monday, 11 May 2009

No toilet paper and the eagel awards

Hello comics friends! I am finally putting up a new page, but first I would like to ask something of you all. Uk eagle comics awards are soon, and I would be greatful if you nominate me! Please go to and put Schmurgen Jonerhaffs in best newcomer categories, and put Schmurgen Jonerhaff's Uncompromising Comic in best new comic (unless you are nominating yourself in those categories, then please nominate me for different ones!)

Now here is another page of comics.


  1. ... Ha! Good one. There's a guy in our office block who regularly uses hand towels rather than toilet paper to wipe his arse and blocks the ancient drains. We know who he is, can you think of a way we can catch him in the act without being arrested?

    Cheers for the post comment over on downthetubes a few days back but I couldn't find the line you quoted in the post. So I didn't approve it. Then I re-read all the comments and found the odd "the emphasis was on quality, rather than quality" line in Ian Sharman's response. If you go back and comment again ( I'll sort it but I assume Ian meant "the emphasis was on quality, rather than quantity" when it came to comics on offer at the Expo. Cheers!

  2. I would get office to replace paper towels with electric handdryer- let him try to wipe arse on that!

  3. One of the biggest shocks when it comes to traveling in China is the feral state of their squat toilets. Not only do you have to get used to doing your business in the squatting position but you also need to remember not to flush your toilet paper away!

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