Sunday, 21 June 2009

176 And Midnight Meat Train

Hello Schmurgen Friends! I am hard in work on new comics which will be sale at 176 exhibition on 27th june! I no have my own space but Dam Lester and David Bailiy have kindly offered to have me across their table. Thanks, you gays!

Movie review: Midnight Meat Train

This movie not very good, but it has intreging plot. It about this photographer who is not very good. Even Brooke Shields tell him 'you no good!' Then one day he thinks he sees a killer on late night train and he start following him around. Not to stop him, but so he can take uncompromising photos! This my kind of film I think! But after that it goes down hill. Story is boring and predictable and characters are flat as my friend Oyvin after he was crushed by elephant in unfortunate zoo tragedy. It had some good points- uncompromising photos, suddeen unexplained monsters that appear at end with no explanation and man who got his balls cut off in Hostel 2, but overall it was dissapointment.


  1. Yes! He has weird tumours on chest that he keep in jars in bathroom!