Monday, 12 October 2009

Schmelephant Wergends!

Hello, there, Schmurgaholics! I know many of you is clamering to know how was Schmurgen con 2: Birning ham International Comics Shendig! Well soon I will satisfy your anxiety! But first I gonna say a fer things about this site called Elephant words.

Elephants words is a grete website filled with uncompromising writing created by a talented man called Nikolai Pappycoconuts. There are six regular writers, and every sunday one of them posted a photo and then they all take turns to write a story based on the photo. Is cool, yes! And what's even cooler is that Schmurgen is one of the writers! I have been on the site for a while now, and I am planning to stay until they get sickened of me!

Anyway, last week it was my turn to post the photo, and I posted a picture of a comic convention so that I can write about schmurgen con! Of course as the siteis based around fiction I have did a fictionalised basis of Schmurgen con, but reas insured it is closer than the truth!

Click here to read about 'Jurgen Con too!'

Click here for list of all my elephatns!

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